Ensnaring the Dove by Jayne Castel (ePUB)

ensnaring dove, jayne castel

Ensnaring the Dove (On the Empire’s Edge #2) by Jayne Castel – Free eBooks Download


He’s her protector. But will he end up her ruin? A Roman noblewoman, a Brigante warrior, and forbidden love across cultures in Ancient Britain.

Colombia Juventus is promised to a Roman officer posted upon Hadrian’s Wall. Determined to be with her betrothed, she sets off across the seas to Britannia to join him. But when Brigante rebels attack the supply convoy she’s traveling in, Colombia’s privileged, sheltered life shatters.
Aedan is a Brigante chieftain’s son, yet his fate has always been entwined with the Romans. He fought them, lost, and was taken a slave. He then gained his freedom only to discover he no longer belonged in his old life. Now he’s part of a band of outlaws that preys on travelers to the northern frontier.
But when an attack on a Roman convoy turns savage, and Aedan steps into stop a noblewoman from being raped, his destiny is again tied to those he once served.
Colombia finds herself on the run with a man who will change her life forever.

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