Enslaved by Fiona Knightley (ePUB)

enslaved, fiona knightley

Enslaved (The Shield Maiden’s Highlander #1) by Fiona Knightley – Free eBooks Download


She came for blood but found love instead …

They were well down the river now. They wouldn’t be caught.
She turned and knelt beside the prisoner who lay bloodied, bound, and gagged in the wet recesses of the boat.
This young highlander now belonged to her, a skilled and beautiful shield maiden. The riches they’d plundered from this faraway land would prove her devotion to Odin, and having slain so many Scotsmen along the way had been worth the price.
“You’ll make a good thrall,” she told him. “Hmmm, and you are handsome, too…” she said, running her hand across his hardened bare chest. “You hate me now, but you will learn to love this new life I am giving you.” She laughed as he jerked furiously at the chains that bound his arms and legs, muffled protests heard through his gag. He was now enslaved to her.
They could not have realized how dramatically their lives would change, or just how much the Shield Maiden and the Highlander would need each other to live, love and survive.

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