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engulfed, jd light

Engulfed (Emblazoned #3) by J. D. Light – Free eBooks Download


It’s complicated…
Barik’s best friend, his person, will always be Daer. The man he was literally hatched with, and spent pretty much every moment of his first sixteen years with. Back then, he never envisioned that there would be a life without the man, but in the blink of an eye, it was all ripped away by the selfishness of another. They spent decades apart, Barik not even knowing whether or not Daer was even still alive, and missing him every single moment. It was another moment in time, the briefest, that Barik got his friend back… and caused the man immense pain.
Daer hates that his lack of action, his inability to do what was right by his appa, nearly got Barik killed. He hates that Barik feels like he did something wrong by acting on instinct, when the whole thing was Daer’s fault, and even after their friendship resumes, it’s not the same. It’s a wall between them that keeps them from being as close as they once were, even as they both feel that same need to be near each other they always have.
Despite the guilt that weighs heavy on their shoulders, when Daer’s job causes him to be threatened by a community that has proved how vengeful they truly are, Barik steps in to protect his person, and Daer lets him, using the excuse to just be with Barik as much as possible. And when the conversation that needed to happen finally does, it becomes clear that maybe they have more between them than just a friendship that withstood tragedy. But what if they aren’t each other’s flames? What if they fall madly and desperately in love with each other and find out they aren’t meant for someone else? What if they’ve always been in love, and didn’t even realize it?

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