Endless Temptation, Part One by Ella Cooper (ePUB)

endless temptation, ella cooper

Endless Temptation, Part One (Cowboy’s Camp #1) by Ella Cooper – Free eBooks Download


Cheyenne. Young, beautiful, feisty.
She’s the best friend of my son – the son I haven’t spoken to in 10 years.
My life is being turned upside down by this woman, and I don’t know what to do for the best.

My past was destroyed one night, taking my wife and driving a wedge between me and my son.
A wedge that I have never been able to remove.
And now she is here – a link between us, but a fragile, delicate one.
I am a rancher, through and through – carved from the land over many years.

She is striking – physically and mentally, she stirs emotions in me that I have not acknowledged for years.
I want to take her, teach her, be with her.
I want to be all that she wants, all that she needs.
I want to show her the best of me, to wrap her up in everything that I can be.

Can this really work? Can our ages be put to one side?
Can my life, my desire, be reignited by this dancing flame that has come into my life?
I know I will do all I can to win her over and make her mine.

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