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Endgame Romance (Lost Daughter of a Serial Killer #3) by C.M. Stunich – Free eBooks Download


Finding out you’re in love with three impossible boys isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
The stepbrother. The boyfriend’s best friend. The sister’s ex.
Life would be complicated enough if we didn’t have to navigate a social circle populated with serial killers.

My father has gathered a loyal group of monsters around himself like a shield.
There’s the black widow, the arsonist, the mild-mannered poet with a penchant for blood, the crooked cop, and, of course, the Seattle Slayer.
Maintaining three new romances is nearly as dangerous a proposition.

Oh, and my biological mother? She knows about the boys, but not the killers.
My original kidnapper—the woman I thought was my mom—she knows about the killers and not the boys.
Some days, it feels like the entire world is a web of secrets and deceit—much of it spun by yours truly.

The girl I once knew as Dakota Banks is fading like a distant star.
The question is: how far will I let my father push me?

He might have an app that records and watches everything; he might have a plan of righteous revenge. But there are two things the Seattle Slayer doesn’t understand: love and loyalty. He thought he could drive us apart when all he did was push us closer together.
And together, we are stronger.

This is the endgame, Dad.
Let’s finish this.

ENDGAME ROMANCE is a 300,000 word love-hate/high school romance with suspense/thriller themes. Includes foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book three of three in the series.

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