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Endeavor (Voyagers #4) by Ava Olsen – Free eBooks Download


Jared: Challenging the status quo in Hollywood doesn’t make me the most popular director in showbiz lately. Suing a former studio exec for almost ruining my life twelve years ago, even less so. But I’ve worked hard to get where I am, I’m not staying silent anymore. While filming my latest movie in Thailand, I get word that my legal case is moved up and in addition, there’s another threat to my life. But I’m not backing down. And I have all the support I need from the two men who’ve occupied all my thoughts lately – my sarcastic lawyer, Aiden Barstock, and my faithful bodyguard, Alex Sheffield.
Did I mention that I’m falling for both men? Yeah, my life is complicated. But I know in my heart that Aiden and Alex are meant to be mine. Now all I have to do is convince them that three is not a crowd, it’s the perfect number.

Aiden: My work as a barrister is my sole passion. And my personal life? I keep it casual. I don’t believe in love. I thought I was in love once, but it turned out I was a fool. Fool me once and never again.
Until a work trip to Thailand to prep my client, Jared Elwood, changes everything. Suddenly I’m alone with Jared, and his bodyguard, Alex Sheffield. Two men who become so much more than friends when circumstances bring us together. They see beyond my snark to the vulnerabilities I keep hidden. And now I risk being a fool again. Not over one man, but two.
Alex: I was trained by the British military for a life of service but after the death of my closest mate, I entered private protection. Being Jared Elwood’s bodyguard is no easy matter. Crazed fans, angry stalkers – you name it, Jared attracts it. He brings out all my protective instincts and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him, including laying down my own life. But Jared’s latest film is interrupted by a threat that’s far too real and likely connected to the lawsuit he’s filed. Now his brash barrister, Aiden Barstock, is along for the ride, and suddenly things get intense. It’s not just Jared I would die to protect, it’s Aiden too.

One endeavor binds all three of us together. For now, or forever?

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