Enchanting Gold by Ashley Evercott (ePUB)

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Enchanting Gold (Fairy Tales of Gallia #2) by Ashley Evercott – Free eBooks Download


She made a bargain to save her life. But falling in love was not part of the deal.

Lying is forbidden, but Lynn cannot stop her father from weaving the biggest lie of all. Forced to atone for his crime, Lynn must spin a room of straw into gold. Fail, and she and her father will die.
However, a peculiar half-fae agrees to complete the impossible task in her stead. In exchange, Lynn must risk her life to steal a powerful item from her Lord. But one night of spinning straw isn’t enough, and Lynn makes another deal that will force her on a precarious journey.
Rumpelstiltskin has made a mysterious bargain of his own. With a monster. He will do anything to save his mother and free the creature when the blood moon rises. Even if it means jeopardizing another person’s life.
The only problem? He’s falling in love with the woman he’s deceiving.
Can they fight off their growing attraction, or will it cost them their lives?

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