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Enchanted Lyrics (The Muse #1) by Addison Carter – Free eBooks Download


You know how it goes, boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, boy takes someone else home.
Or there’s this one, the one that got away comes back, and they don’t live happily ever after, because he never called.
OK, I could have called too, but really after the turns that night took, I wasn’t sure he’d even want to hear from me.
Then the rumours started, the reputation he built for himself confirmed it.
So I moved on and tried to forget about the boy from my past and the band I had spent an amazing evening getting to know.
I made some impressive mistakes as I grew into the woman I am today, but none were more spectacular than Zack.
When I first met Zack, I thought he was exactly what I needed.
Mature, safe, dependable.
Oh how wrong I was.
It took something awful for me to finally wake up and see who he really was, and in turn, I saw the girl I had become.
I hated them both.
Fuelled by the need to find myself once more I end up standing before a stage. Singing along to the songs I know so well, and staring up at those dangerously beautiful, enormously talented men from all those years ago.
Maybe one night of fun would be exactly what I need?
No strings.
No drama.
No attachments.
Not this time.
I can keep my heart safe.
So long as they do the same.

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