Enchanted By The Alien Warriory by Athena Storm (ePUB)

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Enchanted By The Alien Warriory (Fated Mates To Kraaj Warriors #1) by Athena Storm, Tara Starr – Free eBooks Download


Gylar’s people may have conquered my planet. But no way in hell is he making me his nanny!
For fifty years the Kraaj have ruled.
Now they come for me and tell me to be a nanny for a Kraaj warrior.
He’s got two kids he’s taking care of as a promise to his dead comrade.
Big bad soldier man has an enemy he can’t fight.
Poopy diapers.
Sure, I love children.
But that doesn’t mean you can snatch me and tell me to take care of your kids.
Even if this Kraaj warrior is…something else.
He takes off that body armor and I can’t look away from that magnificent body.
Those ripped abs. Those dragon wings. That tight torso.
But you can’t just grab me and expect me to serve you.
You certainly can’t go on to say I’m your fated mate.
That you love me after you took me.
And we’re all going to live happily ever after as a family.
That is not what is going to happen here.
Except, every waking moment…
That’s all my heart is desiring.

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