Enchanted By a Lady’s Talent by Abigail Agar (ePUB)

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Enchanted By a Lady’s Talent by Abigail Agar – Free eBooks Download


On the worst of days, the charming Pippa Blackwell loses something more precious to her than any other- her manuscript. Even though this piece of writing is the one she is most proud of, it appears that her mother and father will get their way, forcing her to let go of her dream of being an author. Devastated and filled with regret from the loss, Pippa worries about having no control over her future. However, when a poster at her favorite bookshop for a novel which sounds nearly identical to her own appears, Pippa hunts down the shop’s owner who apparently stole her work. Furious and determined to seek justice, she confronts him in an effort to right the wrong. However, how could she possibly do this when her heart melts everytime she sees him? Will she manage to stay true to her plan or will she follow her fiery heart?

When Doyle Brooks, the owner of a failing bookshop, finds an incredible manuscript, he decides to publish it as a way of drawing in business. Nothing makes him happier than the idea of succeeding through a story this powerful. Eager to see his shop thrive, Doyle tries to let go of his underlying guilt from the theft and excitedly dives into this new plan. However, this plan is proven to be anything but simple… When the real author shows up in the form of a beautiful, intelligent and energetic young woman, Doyle finds himself conflicted between his desire to succeed and his blooming interest in Pippa herself. Will he manage to let his feelings aside in order to save his bookshop or will he abandon everything by becoming lost in Pippa’s captivating eyes?

Against either of their wishes, Pippa and Doyle are thrown into a confusing and messy relationship as co-authors and Doyle has to decide whether or not he will truly credit the woman who has changed his life forever. When his employee, George Sinclair, decides he is also interested in Pippa, the lies, feelings and dreams of Doyle and Pippa are tested. Pippa must decide if she is willing to trust Doyle through his lies, just as he must decide what is more important: his business or his heart? Will they be ripped apart by dishonesty and the surrounding pressures? Or will their tale unfold into a true and everlasting romance?

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