Empusa’s Hunger by Lacey Carter Andersen (ePUB)

empusa's hunger, lacey carter andersen

Empusa’s Hunger (Monsters and Gargoyles #8) by Lacey Carter Andersen – Free eBooks Download


I’m a monster. But shout out to all the jerks… I’m now a free monster.
Life gave me a bad deck of cards. I was born in a prison. Escaped, leaving my mother behind, and came to the real world alone, only to discover that my demon-half had a hunger I couldn’t control.
So, I was free… but not free. I was forced to haunt crossroads and end the lives of anyone with a dark heart who stopped.
And then, suddenly, I’m released.
With nothing else to do, and a world suddenly full of monsters, I decide to hunt the assholes. But when I meet a group of men, psycho gargoyles and a slightly less insane phoenix, I don’t know if we should be enemies or friends. Technically, we’re mortal enemies, but these guys are like no monster hunters I’ve met before, and I’m nothing like the creatures they hunt.
At least in my humble opinion.
But unfortunately for us, that’s not our only problem. And when our lives are on the line, we have to decide whether we can escape the shadows of our pasts, or if the evil inside of us is too strong to resist.

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