Empire’s Curse by Maham Fatemi (ePUB)

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Empire’s Curse (Drakkon #1) by Maham Fatemi – Free eBooks Download


A villainous emperor, a simple farm girl, and a romance that will tear their empire apart.

Some say Emperor Drakkon Muyang is part dragon, part demon, all cold-blooded. That his vicious beauty is a facade for his cruel reign. For Daiyu, a farmer’s daughter, he’s nothing more than a monarch she’ll never meet.
Until Daiyu’s sister is taken to the palace for the royal selection.
Adamant to rescue her sister, Daiyu sneaks into the palace. What she doesn’t expect is to attract the wicked emperor’s attention. Suddenly, she’s thrust into his vicious court life, where noble women want her dead and enemies are all around her.
As Daiyu grows closer to Muyang, she can’t resist his dark charm and their growing attraction. But he’s everything she hates–beastly, cruel, and dangerously powerful. And his court is no better.

She has no choice but to flee from Muyang before he steals her heart. But defying the ruthless emperor has consequences. Which will she lose first–her heart, or her life?

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