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emmy, paige michaels

Emmy (The Nurturing Center #2) by Paige Michaels – Free eBooks Download


The Nurturing Center is facility where littles can go to start over from a deeply regressed stage. When they’re ready, they are matched up with caregivers who live in the gated community behind The Center, a safe place reserved strictly for age play.

Emmy has been sleeping under an overpass. She lives for the one day each week when the kind doctor who makes her heart race brings her food and checks on her. When he suggests that she might enjoy a different kind of lifestyle and offers to take her to The Nurturing Center to find herself, she eagerly jumps at the opportunity, hoping every day that the doctor will eventually claim her as his own.
Dr. Radcliff has been keeping his eye on Emmy for a while, uncertain if she has a little inside her. He’s beyond pleased when he tells her about The Center and she agrees to let him take her there. He visits her as often as he can during her transition, hoping that as she finds her inner little she will decide she wants to forge a life with him and make him the luckiest man alive.

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