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Emma (Finding His Destiny #4) by Angela Rush – Free eBooks Download


Curtis Wallace is a Marine Raider, Special Ops medic. He lost his first love to suicide when he was in high school. He managed to recover from the loss and go on to achieve many of his life goals as a Marine. He has a close band of brothers on his team and at thirty-two years old he should be feeling like he is in his prime, but something is missing. He had thought he would be married and have a couple of kids by this age. As his fellow teammates have fallen in love and began their families, that empty feeling has only grown. Then while doing a routine errand, he finds her. The one destiny has meant for him to find.

Emma Louise Weston is never going to date again. She is over being rejected for her size and after the trauma in her past, it’s just not worth the effort. She has worked so hard to regain her confidence, control her anxiety, and get back out into the world again, only to be passed over for her size. She tries to be healthy, but having health problems she can’t control have made it difficult for her to maintain a weight the world finds acceptable. Emma decides she is going to focus on her job and her volunteer work and forget finding Prince Charming. He doesn’t exist. That is until she signs up for a special survival training course. In an effort to be prepared for it, Emma joins a new gym and hires a personal trainer. This decision will throw Emma into Wallace’s path and the sparks fly from the moment they meet.

However, not everyone is delighted for them to be together and find happiness. An evil force is at work to tear them apart. When Emma’s past comes back to get revenge, she is taken by force. Can Wallace find Emma and save her in time? Or will someone from her past get the vengeance they crave. Only time will tell if they can find their happily ever after that destiny has laid at their feet.

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