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emilio, quinn ryder

Emilio (The Santoyo Brothers Trilogy #2) by Quinn Ryder – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been in love with Esmeralda Barrio, since my father brought her home sixteen years ago, bruised, broken, and empty. For the last sixteen years I’ve watched her change from the beautiful girl I fell in love with, to the cold-hearted woman I no longer recognize. Living under my father’s rule had hardened her, and now she’s just as bad as he is, treating others with the cruelty that was once shown to her.

I never expected to be next in line to take over the familia, but now that my brother is on the lam and in bed with our enemy, I have no choice but to step into the role that was meant for him. That role came with a prize I never expected—Esmeralda. Now she’s mine to own, something I had wished for since I was a young boy when I watched her love everyone in my family but me.

Falling in love with the woman covered in scars was incredibly easy for me but getting her to love me back has proven to be the most difficult task I’ve ever had to face. Now that I know the truth behind our union, I’m determined to save her from herself before it’s too late. She has something my father wants, and if I don’t stop him, I might just lose her forever. I’ve always been the one to runaway from danger, but now that I own Esmeralda’s hand, I’ll do anything to protect her, even if it means giving up my own life for hers.

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