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emerald, cee bowerman

Emerald (Rojo 2nd Generation: Rojo Gems #2) by Cee Bowerman – Free eBooks Download


To outsiders, it might seem that Emerald Hamilton has led a charmed life. She has a loving and supportive family, a daughter that holds her entire heart, a beautiful house in a great neighborhood, a successful career, and friends that would do anything for her. She’s got it all, or so you might think, but the path that brought Emerald to this point in life was a rocky one. As strong as she seems, she still has doubts and fears about what she could become. Those fears get in the way sometimes, and no matter how hard she tries, she just can’t get past them.

Emerald has experienced more than her fair share of pain in her life, and that has shaped her into the strong and independent woman she is today. She finds that even the strongest people need help sometimes after an injury brings her down and renders her nearly helpless. Luckily, she’s got the support of her friends, a group of people that have grown up together and know each other almost as well as they know themselves.

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