Embracing Destiny by S.J Batsford (ePUB)

embracing destiny, sj batsford

Embracing Destiny (Loving Lily #3) by S.J Batsford – Free eBooks Download


They say love is worth the risk, you should put yourself out there and trust that your heart won’t be torn to shreds in the process… Well, in my experience this is complete and utter shit. My mom put her heart out there and what did she get in return? A broken heart. maybe a nice settlement if they divorce? And the rest of her life alone.
What did it get me? A crushed heart.
No, thanks.
Everyone sees me as strong, dependable, funny Mace. Well, they don’t know shit, I could say my family knows me best but unfortunately that’s not the case. I am strong, stronger than they know, every day I grin, I laugh because I’m me, I could be dying inside and I’d still smile.
Life is too short and dull enough without another scowling face.


When destiny throws herself in my path, literally. All my well laid plans to enjoy my single life sampling all the fruits life can offer are blown away with one look, one meeting of eyes… Seeing a kindred spirit, I see through the veil she wears to hide her pain, her vulnerability.

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