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embers ash, olivia hart

Embers and Ash (Winged Mates #2) by Olivia Hart – Free eBooks Download


He’s an arrogant liar. A winged prince responsible for my family’s suffering. And now my mate.

I’ve spent my entire life training to kill Darius the Silent. He’s everything I hate, powerful and cruel and son to a ruling family that crushed my people.
When he finds his way into the Arden Kingdom, my only goal is revenge. To fulfill my life’s purpose and end him. But meeting him changes everything.
He’s not what I expect. Devious, charming, and with a wit as sharp as a blade, he’s a man who’s spent his life preparing for a rebellion like this.
After seeing how impossible our mission is, I realize something terrible. I need his help more than I need him dead.
The great war has begun, and I have to slow down an entire army with Darius by my side. If we don’t find a way to work together, we’ll be the first casualties of this war.
I have a lifetime of hatred for this man, and yet his touch makes me want to forget it all. Especially when I learn there’s more to him than his arrogance. That his heart may be burnt to nothing but embers and ash.
Just like mine.
Hate fueled our fire, but passion is what will bind us, what will build us, and what will help us win this war.

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