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elimination, jaymin eve

Elimination (Demon Pack #2) by Jaymin Eve, Everly Frost – Free eBooks Download


Deception. Demons are experts at it.

I thought I could control my fate. I thought I could send the Master of Demon Runes back to the Underworld where he belongs, but instead, I’m the one forced into a dangerous game of elimination.
Now I must fight for my life against the strongest demons—demons who have waited their whole lives for the chance to rule the Underworld.
My only chance at survival is to trust the most dangerous man of all. An ancient, ruthless demon with unlimited power and deadly secrets, who wants to claim my heart and my body.
Illusion. The Underworld is built on it.

He pulls me into his world and promises me everything I could desire, but how can I trust him when death waits for me and my family with every step I take? I won’t risk the people I love. Not for anything.
My whole life I’ve fought the darkness growing within me, but if protecting my sisters and my demon wolves means embracing the nightmares of my power, then so be it.

Demons may be experts at deception.
The Underworld may be filled with illusions that threaten to break me.
But my power is growing, and soon… I will be their nightmare.
Let the Elimination begin.

*Demon Pack: Elimination is a full length (108,000 words), dark and sexy paranormal romance, the second in the Demon Pack series. It’s recommended for 18+ due to language, mature themes, and sexual situations. Ends on a cliffhanger.

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