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Eleven (Eternals #1) by J. Marie – Free eBooks Download



I’ve spent my entire life being trapped and studied like the lab rat I was created to be.
Tortured, prodded, abused, I dreamed of freedom, but didn’t believe I would truly find it.
I never thought my chance of getting away would come in the form of a sweet, little girl with secrets of her own.


I could hear his screams late at night when I was supposed to be sleeping. Each one of them marked me, scarring me on the inside, where no one could see… but me.
I hid my secrets, knowing what I was doing could get me in trouble. I only knew that I had to help him.
I loved him, even if I was too young to have him. I knew in my heart that someday he would be mine and I would be his.
I helped set him free, my beautiful soldier with the smoldering brown eyes and crooked smile.
But, when I needed him, he was nowhere to be found.
Now, he’s back, but dreams to a child are simplistic.
Things are different when you’re a woman and the man you’re in love with, have always been in love with, holds the power to completely destroy you.

Welcome to the world of the Eternals. Supernatural beings finding their way in a world they don’t belong to, yet have no choice but to live in. The only thing that might make it tolerable is one truth.
Somewhere out there, every single one of them has a true mate. Now, they won’t stop until they find them. Who knows? Maybe it could be you.

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