Eldrakar: Dragon Highlands 2 by Devon Vesper (ePUB)

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Eldrakar: Dragon Highlands 2 (Adradis Rising #6) by Devon Vesper – Free eBooks Download


The Dragon King has returned with a soulbond no one approves of.
Back home from their adventure in the Erithal Forest, life should get easier now that Xastrian and Velithor are no longer actively fighting for their lives. Instead, a whole host of new problems immediately threatens to consume them starting with Velithor’s complete inability to handle the demands of life as a co-ruler with his new mate.
With the identity of Xastrian’s would-be assassin still unknown, there’s no time for him to spend with his new mate. Not with a council looking to unseat him, an invasion from another plane of existence, and the Dragon Court doubting Xastrian’s fitness as king. Unfortunately, that also means that when Xastrian’s enemy strikes again, it’s Velithor in their sights.
Xastrian must maintain his power, save his husband, and protect his kingdom. He was never meant for any of this and certainly never wanted it. But he’ll die before he lets anyone take it away now.
Hopefully, it won’t come to that.

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