Eight Preying Lyons by Anna St. Claire (ePUB)

lyon's prey, anna st claire

Eight Preying Lyons (The Lyon’s Den) by Anna St. Claire, et al – Free eBooks Download


Welcome to another fabulous Lyon’s Den Boxed Set!

Where the world’s most notorious matchmaker The Black Widow of Whitehall is Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon and her gambling den take ‘orders’ from wealthy woman and then targets the men who come into her establishment, rating them on their viability. If they meet her standards, she will trap them into marriage contracts by rigging the games they are playing.

The Lyon’s Den isn’t a usual gambling establishment – they bet on odd things, like drinking liquor that’s been mildly poisoned to see who passes out first, or feeding gluttons too much to see who will vomit first. There are traditional games, but it’s more known for it’s odd and sometimes ruthless games.

Included in this boxed set:
Lyon’s Prey by Anna St. Claire
The Lyon’s Den in Winter by Whitney Blake
Kiss of the Lyon by Meara Platt
Always the Lyon Tamer by Emily E K Murdoch
To Tame the Lyon by Sky Purington
How to Steal A Lyon’s Fortune by Alanna Lucas
A Lyon’s Pride by Emily Royal
Lyon Eyes by Lynne Connolly

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  • Eight Preying Lyons – Anna St. Claire, et al ePUB



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