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Edge of Sin (The Sin Duet #1) by Lauren Biel – Free eBooks Download


Our families are rivals, but that doesn’t mean we have to be enemies.
The Vigliones and Silvanis have been at war longer than any of us can remember. It’s a battle we didn’t start but are forced to fight in. But she’s not my enemy.
We’re ruthless, but the Silvanis are cunning. Slick as a fox, Gia Silvani offers herself as a pawn—a proposition we can’t resist. We should have, but as the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. I find myself living with her under my roof, being driven mad by temptation, my true nemesis.
The fleeting moment of intimacy we shared when we were young and stupid nags at me. The painful ache settles deep in my bones, making it harder to fight against her alluring pull. Until I no longer have it in me to resist.
After we step over boundaries better left uncrossed, it becomes clear that I can never let her go. Even as our worlds crumble around us, we have to find some way to make it work. There is no other option for me, because she is mine.
What will happen to us when too many mistakes are made and we can no longer call the city our home?

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