Earning Her Keep by Dani Wyatt (ePUB)

earning her keep, dani wyatt

Earning Her Keep (Price of Love #2) by Dani Wyatt – Free eBooks Download


I’m standing in the rain carrying everything I own in a black trash bag. I have no idea where to go. In my pocket is a wet wad of money–enough for a cup of coffee and a bus ride, as long as I don’t want to go too far.

Then fate lends a hand. If I pretend to be a girl named Emily, I can get exactly what I need right now. A job, a place to live, and no interference from the outside world.
What could be more perfect?
My new boss. That’s what. Dane Philipe.
I’m not supposed to even look at him. Not supposed to speak to him. But, before I know it, I’m naked in his Roman bathtub, and then I’m using his pillow for… well, you get the picture.

Little do I know that he’s been stalking me since the day I arrived. Watching. Waiting. Obsessing.
When he takes what he wants without asking, I learn what earning my keep really means.
But the past is hard to escape. When mine comes looking for me, will my deception put an end to what’s just getting started? Or will Dane give me the chance at a life I’ve never had before?

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