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Earl Lessons (The Footmen’s Club #5) by Valerie Bowman – Free eBooks Download


He never wanted a title
Fresh off the battlefield, Captain David Ellsworth has returned home to discover the shocking and unwelcome news that he’s the new Earl of Elmwood. Though David had no idea he was in line for a title, he and his sister must now navigate the snark-infested waters of the London ton. He knows how to be a soldier, an officer, and a brother, but he hasn’t a clue how to be an earl. David will need all the help he can get. Even if it comes from the undeniably beautiful woman…who is the darling of the world he detests.

She never wanted a husband
The younger sister of a marquess, Lady Annabelle Bellham moves through elegant ballrooms with the ease of a lioness traversing the jungle. She’s the most elusive belle at every ball, and gentlemen have long placed bets on which lucky man will finally win her hand. But Annabelle has no intention of falling prey to a man’s charms. She’s seen the destruction wrought by marriage and is dead set on avoiding a similar fate.

But here they are…
Thankfully, Annabelle’s older brother hasn’t pressured her to take a husband—yet. Which is why she feels obliged to agree when he asks her a favor: To teach the newly minted Earl of Elmwood how to act in Society. Still, the task shouldn’t be too difficult. All Annabelle must do is spend countless hours in the company of a handsome, brooding ex-soldier—who’s making her question every rule she’s set for herself. She and David have nothing in common except a fiery passion and some highly inconvenient feelings…could it be enough?

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