Eagle Elite Volume III by Rachel Van Dyken (ePUB)

eagle elite 3, rachel van dyken

Eagle Elite Volume III (Eagle Elite Box Set #3) by Rachel Van Dyken – Free eBooks Download


A mafia romance series about family, loyalty, betrayal and love from the #1 bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken.

Chase wanted to give up on life. As the underboss of the Abandonato crime Family, he felt like his only way out was to continue to torture anyone who crossed him. His Family thought he’d lost his soul after being betrayed, so when a new accountant for the Families was hired, he was ready to fire her right away, but she just wouldn’t give up. Luciana was beautiful, tempting, always in the way, and exactly what he needed.

Andrei knew at a young age that he was a monster. He refused to call any of the women in his club by their names, too personal. Instead, he called them by their number and did what he could to get them out of prostitution. He never got to know them until he met Alice. He told himself she was like a pet to him until she became more, until he ended up saving her and the rest of the Five Families. What was once a war turned into a friendship as the Russian mob and Italian mafia join forces.

Santino’s been sent to the States for one job and he can’t wait until he can go back to Sicily… that was until a price was put on his head. It was bad enough everyone wanted to kill the number one assassin in the mafia. What’s worse was that he had to rescue then protect a girl he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of. Worlds collided as he tried his best to do his job—and failed.

Dom and Tanit were broken from the beginning, from Families that warred for decades. They’d do whatever it took to make sure they survived and helped the Five Families once again, bind together and take control of Chicago.

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