Duke for the Summer by Emily Spady (ePUB)

duke for summer, emily spady

Duke for the Summer by Emily Spady – Free eBooks Download


A former punk-rock skater kid and a bookish recluse get stuck on an island together…

Nate Schafer has always wanted to feel special—but suddenly inheriting a castle in a tiny town in a foreign country wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. But it’ll be fine. He just has to figure out how to be a duke. And maybe learn Italian. Oh, and try to tiptoe around the castle’s caretaker, who is very hot, very standoffish, and definitely not interested. Easy, right?
Jacopo Brunetti just wants to get off the island where he grew up and start a new life. But the new duke is getting in the way of his plans. And getting in the way in general. And why can’t Jacopo stop thinking about him? All he has to do is keep it together for three months, but with Nate around every corner, lasting out the summer is going to be harder than he thought.

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