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drusus, jessie rose case

Drusus (Galactic Cyborg Heat: Once Freed #1) by Jessie Rose Case – Free eBooks Download


Drusus. They’d eventually been freed on Old Earth. But not before the Corporation Wars had brought the world to the brink of collapse stripped of its resources, the Moon damaged and orbit compromised, the Corporations had looked to the stars sending out missions that had little chance of success but the rewards would be plentiful if they did. Undaunted, the world in ruins people took chances with their families and lives to reach the stars and the colonisation programs started. And the Corporations, had their own private armies to keep order and make that happen. Credits were king.
When the world found out they existed and how that had been achieved, the world had been rocked. The people demanded justice and the powers that be, made Earth Corp give up their army and face the consequences of playing god. The people’s rebellion had been swift. Corporations would answer for their crimes, shares crashed, scapegoats were found, leaders charged and those Cyborgs still under Earth Corp control, freed.
Living in isolation, under guard, they made their own Cyborg City. The last remaining group from Earth Corp that had not taken to the stars to be free. They had no reason to. The world knew who they were and why they existed now. But they were not alone. Other corporations had also taken up making their own private armies, fighting over resources and precious materials as the world crumbled into chaos and started to die.
Recompense didn’t make up for the years in servitude or what they’d been made to do. No choice, no freedom, programmed to obey, no matter what those orders were. But they’d started to live again. Had responsibilities. Those brought out of the artificial birthing pods were young, not fully grown and needed family.
The Earth now recovering from the Corporation Wars and coming back, the world faced a takeover from Phoenix Rising. Another group of freed Cyborgs from the Russian coalition that had been created in worse living conditions, their survival had been far more brutal and they wanted vengeance on the humans and to live in a world of their own chosing.
They watched and waited, continuing with the integration program agreed with the human governments. Keeping things in line with what was expected of them.
But Phoenix was not letting it go. Join them or die had been the message.
Declining he made their position clear. They would never fight again. They would not take sides. As long as Phoenix left them alone and so did the human armies, they were neutral.
Bringing in the women was a risk but things had to progress as planned. And when he saw her, he knew this one was different.
Emma looked at the security and wondered what she was doing here. No one had mentioned working on a military base. Telling her two German Sheps to stay in the car, she was led to an office. Her boys were her life. Rescued, found starving, she’d brought them back. And they never stopped rewarding her for doing it.
Following the soldier, he showed her into a room. Holy shit……

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