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Growing up, everybody called me Pinky. But not Steve. He always treated me like an adult.
It’s not until I finish college that I understand what those feelings I get every time I see him, every time I think about him really mean.
My heart stops when I see his truck in the drive, knowing I’ll see him again. But I know why he’s here.
Could an older guy like him really go for a younger, curvy girl?
Would he betray his best friend to get it, even if he wanted it?
Or will he leave us both behind and forget about us when he makes it big?


It’s a dream come true.
She’s a dream come true.
A pro team contract, my best buddy as chief mechanic and his daughter along for the ride, all in the same day?
Maybe she isn’t into older guys. Maybe I’m just imagining things, or maybe it’s time I finally get what I want from life.
And all I have to do to claim it is reach out and take it.
Consequences? Sure, everything has a price, but once I see her again. Once I know she wants what I have to give her, I’ll pay double.
Whatever it costs, whatever it takes.
She will be mine.

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