Dreams and Ice Creams in Seabury by Beth Rain (ePUB)

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Dreams and Ice Creams in Seabury by Beth Rain – Free eBooks Download


This is Seabury – where everyone knows everyone, the average tourist hasn’t got a clue it even exists, and that’s just how the locals like it!

Today is the worst day of Stella Martinelli’s life. Certainly worse than the day she got divorced from her husband.
Ruby – Stella’s beloved ice cream van – is about to be scrapped. As she watches the guy from the scrap yard kicking Ruby’s tyres before sucking his teeth and pronouncing her “worthless” – Stella struggles to hold back her tears.
Stella’s been selling ice creams from the back of Ruby for over a decade. With the closure of Martinelli’s Ice Cream, she’s out of a job… but that’s not what’s bothering her. Saying goodbye to Ruby doesn’t just mean the end of a job… or the end of an era… it’s the end of Stella’s big dream.
A chance meeting with a familiar face sends Stella to Seabury in search of some work. Apparently the owner of Nana’s Ice Cream Parlour has been in the wars and is looking for some help. Stella’s not sure it’s such a great idea… after all, she’s from a rival company… but what could possibly go wrong?

Is Stella in for a frosty reception? Or will her heart melt like a soft scoop in left in the sun? One thing’s for sure – Seabury can always be counted on to provide the cherry on top!

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