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Dream Weaver (Mystic Beach #2) by Aislinn Archer – Free eBooks Download


His rise to rock-and-roll stardom pulled them apart. Can a magical summer at the beach bring them back together, or even closer than they were before?

After years of touring, it’s time to go home. Not to NYC, but to my oceanside hometown. It’s a working vacation — rest, relaxation and recording. But the label has roped me into a reality dating show. My relationship with my best friend, Brighid, has been the definition of complicated, thanks to her “visions.” Putting her in the same room with my girlfriends is a recipe for disaster — one that just might need divine intervention for our relationship to survive.

It’s been years since Hunter has come home. While he’s been off living his rockstar life, I’ve been building a life without my best friend by my side. Now that he’s back, I just want some time together. But his reality dating show is making things more complicated than I can handle, especially when I’m the only curvy girl in a room full of models. This has disaster written all over it, and I’m not sure my visions and the goddess I serve will be enough to save us.
Two best friends.
Two soulmates.
His rock-and-roll dream has come true, but his best friend has faded into the background. With Hunter and Brighid both in Mystic Beach for the summer, it’s a chance to reconnect, or for things to get even more complicated than they were. Will it mean the end of their lifelong friendship, or will it reawaken the connection that’s existed between them for much longer?

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