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Colette Munsel is a thirty-something freelance editor who lives alone, well, not alone if you consider a cantankerous feline named Henry Miller a roommate. She certainly talks to him like he’s human, not to mention he’s her main source of entertainment.
That is until Sam Griffin moves in next door. Sam seems to embody every hero she’s ever read about in the romance novels she edits. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and built like a brick––you get the idea. It’s too bad Colette has zero skills when it comes to meeting the opposite sex. Less than zero. Maybe the reason she’s had difficulty finding love is because she prefers eating cake over exercising and enjoys reading over going out on the town which means meeting her new neighbor is never going to happen.
Things change when Henry Miller wanders into Sam’s kitchen, forcing Colette to sneak in to retrieve him. Too bad she didn’t change out of her salsa stained “#1 Cat Mom” tee. Luckily Sam finds her tee amusing and the redhead intriguing, especially her curves.

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