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Drakken Star (Drakken Triumvirate #3) by Alexis Woods – Free eBooks Download


Reykos and Raisa are quickly growing as is the love between the Drakken Triumvirate: Manning, Brandt, and Kayluth. Theirs is not the only love among family blooming… There’s Bjorn and Tyr alongside Ivar and Lian, but there’s still one member of Manning’s blood family who is unaccounted for: the eldest brother and ex-heir apparent, Tore.
Unbeknownst to all, Tore has allied himself with the Drakken’s oldest enemy: the Fenrir, a wolf-shifting race who had enslaved the Drakken for centuries before four brothers freed them before settling on Volé as kings.
The Fenrir want revenge, and who better targets than the Vidareem? They take prisoner whomever should first fall into their trap. Kayluth and Tyr become their prey when the two opt to put aside their differences to walk among the gardens.
With help from an unexpected source, Kayluth and Tyr gain their freedom, but they still need rescuing from the twisted labyrinth of their prison. Success or failure rests on Manning’s, Brandt’s, and Bjorn’s shoulders, who alongside the humans and Drakken loyal to them, must work together to find their loved ones.

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