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Dragons of Asred (Shadow and Ash #2) by HR Moore – Free eBooks Download


Fyia will return the dragons, no matter the cost …

Fyia and Cal head north in search of dragons, but the Five Kingdoms are in disarray, many still questioning Fyia’s rule, and contesting her new laws. Amid the chaos, Essa fights to make the Small Council repair the dragon clocks, and eventually takes matters into her own hands, travelling to the Temple of the Sea Serpent. But what she finds is shocking, even to her.
Sensis assumes her role as Lady Altergate, visiting her new estate with the ulterior motive of keeping an eye on the troublesome Moon Kingdom. But Lord Sollow Antice, the Warden of Moon – and her childhood nemesis – has taken up residence in her new home. He’s hiding something, slipping out after dinner each night, and Sensis follows him, determined to uncover his secrets.
But when Fyia and Cal’s actions result in unforeseen and far-reaching consequences, they’re all thrown into disarray. Fyia is determined to finish what she started, but now she must weigh the cost to not only her own people, but the whole known world.

Dragons of Asred concludes the Shadow and Ash duology, with sweeping world-building, magic, political intrigue, enemies-to-lovers, and characters readers are sure to adore.

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