Dragon’s Honor by Nora Phoenix (ePUB)

dragon's honor, nora phoenix

Dragon’s Honor (Irresistible Dragons #2) by Nora Phoenix – Free eBooks Download


An alpha dragon, an alpha wolf, and an omega wolf. How could that possibly work?

Jermon is trying to find his place in the Hightower pack, but he’s struggling. After some mishaps, he discovers he enjoys assisting Wilmer, an alpha and the veterinarian. As a bonus, Wilmer is easy on the eyes, and they get along well.
Other than that, things are rough. Jermon feels like he doesn’t belong anywhere, he’s not allowed to shift, and on top of that, people are scared of him. Like Riordan, the omega who was briefly held prisoner by Jermon’s father. Riordan still has nightmares and even panic attacks when one of the dragons comes too close to him. The guilt is killing Jermon.
When Riordan decides he wants to spend time with Jermon to get over his trauma and Wilmer agrees to supervise, sparks fly between the three men. But how could this work with two alphas and with Jermon being a dragon? Plus, there’s this other big problem no one knows about that Jermon is convinced will ensure he’ll always be a virgin…
When the dragons are finally allowed to shift, they have no idea of what danger this will bring to the pack…

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