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dragon's blood, s legend

Dragon’s Blood (Tristan #3) by S. Legend – Free eBooks Download


Three thousand years ago, Markaytia was ruled by dragons. The last dragon passed his blood to a man called Tristan. He became the first Warlord of Markaytia.
Tristan’s got it made. He fights alongside his beloved, he has two men who dote on him faithfully, and the Gods have promised him he’s to do great things for his Elven people. What more could a guy want?
Unfortunately, there’s that little, tiny detail about the Emperor of the Underworld knocking at their door, and a growing army of beastly creatures to deal with. Plus, Tristan’s already dramatic love life explodes to epic proportions when Bayaden shows up in an unexpected way. He gets himself accidentally bonded to a dragon lord. What are the chances?
“You are the next dragon Warlord, Tristan. The role has been waiting for you.”
The dragon in Tristan’s blood awakens and he’s off on another wild adventure. This time the stakes are real—if he doesn’t get it together, the world could pay for his folly.

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