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dragonfly, carin hart

Dragonfly (Deal with the Devil #3) by Carin Hart – Free eBooks Download


What happens when the head of the Libellula crime family becomes obsessed with a woman who has spent the last year plotting to bring him down?
Why, he blackmails her into becoming his bride, of course…
Five years ago, the Libellula Family ruined my life.
It doesn’t matter who was responsible. I blamed the man who created his gang of thugs: Damien Libellula himself. If it wasn’t for him giving free rein to his soldiers to pass their funny money through my store, I wouldn’t have been accused of money laundering—and counterfeiting.
I was a naive twenty-five-year-old then. Four years in a minimum-security prison later, and I’m out for revenge.
I changed my name. My hair. My accent.
My life.
And I did that all because my plan to get revenge on Damien? I’m going to stalk him. Infiltrate my way into his life in any way I can. I’m going to make him trust me.
Maybe even love me.
I’m going to seduce him—and then I’m going to kill him.
At least, that was the plan. But Damien, he has a different one.
Before I can do any of that, he makes me his wife.
I thought it was amusing at first. The gorgeous brunette who followed me everywhere, too stunning to hide in any crowd.
Then, when I grew impatient to see what it was she wanted with me, I approached her—and she stabbed me in my side.
Another man might be put off by something like that. Not me. I’ve always liked my women feisty, and Savannah’s murderous side was so refreshing in a world where everyone bows down to me.
At that moment, I decided I would do everything to bring her to her knees.
Following a page out of my old rival’s book, I made her a deal: she goes back to prison—and that’s assuming she survives my Family long enough to be charged for attempted murder—or she gives up her freedom and becomes my bride.
I know she only chooses the second option because she thinks she can get close enough to kill me again.
I must say, I’m looking forward to her trying… especially when I’ll certainly enjoy showing her just why she shouldn’t.

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