Dragon Unraveled by November Dawn (ePUB)

dragon unraveled, november dawn

Dragon Unraveled (Amber City Shifters #1) by November Dawn – Free eBooks Download


She needs his blood. He wants her soul.

Siena Cameron is the unofficial fixer of her witch family. With no powers of her own, it’s the only way she has of helping the family business. So, when her brothers break the relic amplifying everyone’s magic, it’s up to her to get the glue—dragon blood. Specifically, the one belonging to the world’s biggest witch-hater dragon.
No big deal. Surely, getting a drop of blood won’t be that hard for someone as resourceful as her, will it?
Adrian Vel hates witches. Especially, the Cameron witches. They’re the reason he only has access to a fraction of his dragon-shifter power, and when Siena lands at his doorstep, he can’t believe his luck.
Siena is everything he’s ever needed to break the curse, and Adrian will do whatever it takes to gain his powers back. Even if it means lying to her and dragging her on a one-way trip to sacrifice her at the altar of gleeful vengeance. But maybe the witch is far more wily than he had anticipated, because once she starts to burrow into his heart, extracting his vengeance no longer seems quite so exciting…

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