Dragon Professor’s Baby by Maia Starr (ePUB)

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Dragon Professor’s Baby (Irish Dragon Mafia #1) by Maia Starr – Free eBooks Download


The alpha dragon shifter had started a whole new life when he found his mate, after which everything started to spiral.

The Irish Dragon Professor:
I met her at the worst possible time.
It was when I was hiding from my enemies.
She was my student.
My forbidden, tempting student that I couldn’t touch.
Steph didn’t deserve what her life was about to turn into.
Being my mate meant inheriting my enemies.
An assassin is after her life… because of me.
But my brother and I know exactly how to save her life.

His Human Obsession:
There’s nothing worse than falling for your professor.
Oh, wait… there is.
Nothing beats falling in the arms of a sexy dragon.
A Dragon who happens to be in the mob.
Aiden has a kind heart. He’s obsessed with me.
And I know that he’d do anything to protect me.
His plan to keep the assassin off my back is smart.
But it’s flawed.
Something bad is about to happen and neither of us can predict it.
There’s only one thing that matters in the end.
Can we end up together once this hurricane is over?
If the Irish dragon shifter doesn’t save Steph from his enemies, he loses more than just the love of his life…

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