Dragon Lawyer’s Daughter by Amelia Wilson (ePUB)

dragon lawyer's daughter, amelia wilson

Dragon Lawyer’s Daughter (Shifter Daddies Mates #2) by Amelia Wilson – Free eBooks Download


She left me at the altar five years ago. Now she’s telling me we have a daughter and she’s missing.

I loved Xavier more than anything. I thought he was mine forever.
Never should I have left him at the altar.
Only, I wasn’t left with much choice thanks to my father.
Now my daughter is missing. No one is helping me, and again my father has taken control.
I blame him for ruining my life.
Now I have to turn to Xavier for help.
I still love him. I never stopped.
He’s hurt after all this time. News flash, so am I.
Then the web of lies around us come unraveled, and my defenses weaken.
I want him.
Can he forgive me?
Will we get our daughter back before it’s too late?

She broke my heart and didn’t have the decency to tell me I was a father.
Now the little girl is missing, and she needs my help.
Her betrayal is more than anyone should ever have to bear.
Even after five years, I find myself attracted to her.
Then lies became unraveled and the reasons behind her betrayal.
The truth has me see her in a different light, and there is no denying I still love her.
And the inevitable happened, we had sex.
Not only was it hot, but I wanted her in my bed again.
First things first, get our daughter back.
I need to convince Melanie we’re good together.
What will my friends and parents say if we give our love a second chance?
More so, what will it take for me to prove to Melanie, I love her and our daughter?

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