Dragon Guard Crusader by Alicia Montgomery (ePUB)

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Dragon Guard Crusader (Dragon Guard of the Northern Isles #6) by Alicia Montgomery – Free eBooks Download


A dragon nearing the end of his quest

After three long years, Water Dragon Thoralf is coming home. His quest to bring back his king’s lost dragon has taken him all over the world, and now he may finally have the solution. But to fulfill his crusade, he must once again face the beautiful, but broken Lady Willa. He hasn’t forgotten her all these years–nor what she’s been through. Still, after all this time, he can’t ignore the attraction and connection to her, but he knows her grief and pain is still deep, so he must tread carefully.
A lady determined to overcome her past
Three years ago, Lady Willa lost everything–her family, her home, and her dragon. But now, she’s content with life without her dragon–or so she tells herself. But when the handsome former captain of the Dragon Guard comes back after a long absence to tell her that there may be a way to restore her lost dragon, she doesn’t dare hope.
But Thoralf convinces her to help him, and together they work on solving the final clue. They grow closer and the attraction between them quickly grows into passion, but is that enough?
Will they find a way to bring back her lost dragon or is it lost forever? Can they overcome their enemies and find their own happy ever after?

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