Draconian’s Original Queen by Miranda Martin (ePUB)

draconian's queen, miranda martin

Draconian’s Original Queen (Draconian Warriors #17) by Miranda Martin – Free eBooks Download


The stasis unit holds the most beautiful Queen imaginable. She’s got this fiery hair that sets my scales ablaze, and I’d do anything to keep her safe. My duty? Protect her, always by her side, ready to lay down my life if that’s what it takes. Serving one of those original flame-wreathed Queens is the honor of my life.

I am called to battle once again.
Awakening after a 2500-year nap wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but hey, when the Earth’s in deep trouble, you do what you must. The ancient enemy, the Garoth, is back to wreak havoc, and my beloved planet is on the brink of disaster. Millions of lives are hanging in the balance, and it’s on me to save the day.
But there’s a twist this time. Relic, a Draconian warrior with scales, charm, and a killer commitment. He’s pledged himself to my cause, and suddenly, I’m not just fighting against the Garoth; I’m fighting for my heart. This battle? It’s like no other I’ve faced.
I’m not one to back down from a fight, but now? I’m scared. Terrified, even. If I lose, what happens to the Garoth threat and the future of my race?

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