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don't say goodbye, emma strike

Don’t Say Goodbye (Wine Bottle Bay #1) by Emma Strike – Free eBooks Download


Layla Baldwin had always craved stability, but when her once-predictable life plunges into chaos, she can’t help but wonder how it all unraveled so swiftly. Little did she know that the dashing billionaire, William Thornton, would become the unexpected catalyst for her troubles.

As the iconic hotel where Layla serves as an event manager falls under the grip of William’s cut-throat hospitality group, her dreams are on the brink of collapse. Determined to salvage her aspirations, Layla revives a long-abandoned business plan she had once shared with her loyal friends—Keira, a chef, and Ashley, a designer. Together, they envision transforming Layla’s family holiday home into an enchanting beachside inn.
But Layla’s mother is now preparing to sell the house, a heartbreaking decision prompted by the loss of Layla’s father the previous year. In an astonishing twist, Layla discovers that the buyer of her childhood sanctuary is none other than William himself, who plans to convert the neighboring property into a luxurious resort!
Layla makes a daring choice—she calls off the deal, altering the course of her own destiny. She sets out to create an inn on her mother’s property, right alongside the Thornton project.
Amid the whirlwind of ambition and reinvention, Layla finds herself crossing paths with William time and again. As their encounters ignite sparks of undeniable chemistry, Layla wrestles with conflicting emotions. Can she forgive him for the chaos he has caused and embrace the profound connection they share? Will Layla find the courage to open her heart to love?
In this enchanting enemies-to-lovers romance, two hearts are put to the test, determined to find their way back to each other despite the odds stacked against them.

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