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don't overthink this, kelly piazza

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When a best friend’s wedding presents a second chance for a recovering drug addict to regain the trust of his first and only love, will his new dedication to sobriety be enough to convince her that this time things could be different?
Matty Arvali fell in love with Keelie Santiago thirteen years ago. The two of them were inseparable, until Matty’s oxycodone addiction chiseled the bond they shared and left their relationship in shambles. As Matty descended further into his addiction, Keelie is forced to sever ties with him to save herself from his destruction.
Now, after two years filled with regret, Matty craves the life he used to have more than he craves the pills that destroyed it. When his best friend’s wedding presents a second chance to regain Keelie’s trust, can Matty stay out of his head and away from pills long enough to win her back?
Charming, witty, and uplifting, Don’t Overthink This is a love story lost in the tangles of addiction, searching for the escape that might finally lead to happily-ever-after.

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