Don’t Flirt With Demons by Grace McGinty (ePUB)

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Don’t Flirt With Demons (The Misadventures of Ukobach & Elsie #1) by Grace McGinty – Free eBooks Download


We’ve all been through that one shitty break-up. The one that breaks your heart, turning you into a sobbing, soggy mess. Where you drink so much you accidentally summon a demon.
No? Just Elsie?
When Elsie decides to get over a bad break-up with a small fire pit and a large bottle of vodka, the last thing she expects is to summon the sexy as hell demon, Ukobach. He of the Impressive D. A tattooed devil with large horns and an even larger… array of tattoos.
The Inferior Demon of Fried Food and Fireworks, Ukobach intends to take his few days of freedom in the mortal realm and live a little. But his summoner has big, beautiful eyes and kind of sexy thighs, and suddenly she doesn’t need a summoning circle to keep him trapped at her side.
But both Ukobach and Elsie want to escape from their lives. Cue an epic road trip to the Texas State Fair, with a side order of revenge and deep fried food. Let the chaos commence.

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