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Dominik by S.F. Draven, Raven Scott – Free eBooks Download


How far will she take a story before it gets her killed?

Katerina Auclair is a young journalist who is looking for her next big break; the story of a lifetime.
She ventures off to Moscow to follow up on a story for work, but there she meets an enticing stranger by the name of Dominik Volkov.
Katerina learns a dark secret about this mysterious man she just met and it’s not long before she realizes that her curiosity is going to get her killed.
Dominik is a high-profile crime boss who maintains his global image on the surface, but deep down he’s got a lot more blood on his hands than he can handle.
Katerina and Dominik find themselves enraptured by each other, and Katerina learns that she’s been harboring the darkness within her all along.
Her headstrong, naive, yet clever stream of thought has no idea how to break this story down and it’s taking a toll on the monster she’s becoming.
In a world where Katerina just wanted to understand the inner workings of Dominik’s mind, she lost the better part of herself, and now she’s just as bad as he is.
Will Katerina be able to make it out before Dominik destroys her and everything she’s come to love? Or will this be the end of her days as she knows it?

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