Dominant Thrills by Linzi Basset (ePUB)

dominant thrills, linzi basset

Dominant Thrills (Decadent Sins #4) by Linzi Basset – Free eBooks Download


The saga of the Decadent Sins Masters continues with the story of the newly appointed Assassin Leader of the Kings Inc, Snake.
Discover your dark side…

They say I am Goliath.
They aren’t wrong.
They say I am ruthless.
They aren’t wrong…
I am the Shadow of Death.

Brogan MacCain
I’m feared by many. I’m a Mafioso, ruthless, fearless, and live my life without regrets. I stopped counting the deaths lining the path in my past a long time ago. As the Assassin Leader of Kings Inc and the West Coast Mafia, I will continue to protect and keep my friends’ secret safe, no matter who has to die.
I have no heart. I can’t remember the last time I felt… anything. But there’s one woman who has an effect on me every time we cross paths. As a man who lives in the shadows of death, she’s off limits, too good for the likes of me. As Master Goliath, she awakens the dominant beast inside me that refuses to let her go.

Lee Powell
There aren’t many constants in my life but one that stands the test of time, is that time waits for no one. The clock on my baby monitor is running out. I’m a spinster, hell, I crossed that line a long time ago already. I have one goal and the time has come to take action. I want a husband and a baby.
There’s only one man who makes every nerve ending on my body tingle, Master Goliath, aka Snake, a veritable giant and best friend of my Boss, Torin Caruso. Except, the darn man ignores me so loudly it’s deafening. Well, no more. There’s one place I’ll get his attention… Decadent Sins.
But the day he accepts my sassy challenge, I quickly realize, maybe he’s much more of a Dom I’m capable of handling.
When Snake uncovers the identity of the mole in their organization, and the man he works for, Lee’s life is in danger. Will he accept the responsibility of keeping her alive above the safety of his friends?

Mercy isn’t an option… not for betrayal.

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