Dominant Lawyer Daddy by Scott Wylder (ePUB)

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Dominant Lawyer Daddy (Small Town Daddy Little’s Girl #1) by Scott Wylder – Free eBooks Download


He’s her salvation. She’s his chance at love.
Katie: Why is this happening to me?
I’m barely making ends meet when I get hit by a car.
I have nowhere to go and no way to pay for a doctor.
But when Rob starts showing me a kinder, gentler side of himself, I have second thoughts.
But when I knock on a stranger’s door, not only is he willing to help me, but he wants to.
It has to be too good to be true.
But Jake is adamant about helping me, whether I let him or not.
But what will he want in return? Can I follow his rules to his satisfaction?

Jake: Out of all people to knock on my door late at night, it had to be her.
Katie is sweet, sexy, and completely at my mercy.
But she’s afraid of me.
Will my years of loneliness be over?
Or will my workaholic tendencies drive her away?

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