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Doggone Cute (Love at First Bark) by Haven Rose – Free eBooks Download


I live and breathe my company until my elderly neighbor passes and leaves me her beloved pet. I’ve killed artificial plants, yet she’s trusting me with Jasper? Her lawyer assures me there’s no mistake and that no one else can take him. The heart people swear I don’t have doesn’t like that and, I have to admit, coming home to an empty place sucks, so Jasper and I negotiate. He can do whatever he wants and I let him. I need help. A dog whisperer, if you will. Mona Silver supposedly fits that bill, or so her ad claims. We’ll see.
Adulting is expensive, especially in a city that charges an arm and a leg for a nice area. I could move instead of working two positions, but one provides medical benefits and pays my expenses while the other is fun. Dog walking also gives me all the kisses I could want and unconditional love, two things I haven’t been able to get anywhere else. Not that I’ve tried in a while. Heath Bosch, my new client, might be my hardest job yet. If only he learned as easily as Jasper. He’s just so doggone cute, though. Wait, am I talking about the dog or his human?
When it comes to love, everybody has hard limits. Lines that can’t be crossed. Boxes that must be ticked. For the heroes and heroines in this series, there’s just one limit, line, and box: “Love me, love my dog.” (or dogs!)

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