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Doctor’s Orders (A Possessive Man #23) by Lena Little – Free eBooks Download


I notice her stealing at a conference for doctors and realize it’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen in a while.
Carrying a tray in one hand while stealthily picking pockets with the other? Impressive.
I catch her in the act and the moment I see her, really see her, something primal slams into me. A sudden longing I can’t ignore. A deep desire to claim her and make her mine.
With a proposal she can’t refuse, and maybe a little blackmail on the side, I take her home with me.
I’ve been treating people my whole life, but Harper’s wounds run deep, so deep that mistrust is her default. She keeps me on my toes and makes me wonder what she’ll do next, if she’s heading to me or running in the opposite direction.
What can I say? I like my girl with a little fire.
And if she burns, then I’ll f*cking burn with her.

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